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Because of the rapid growth of the platform, Max is working on the launch of a new software. Stay up to date and follow the progress via this page


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Felix Berkhout (CEO Max Crowdfund) and Grant Clark (CTO) discuss the building of Max Crowdfund 2.0, the planning of the launch and how this will improve investing in real estate via crowdfunding.


Meet Grant Clark

Grant’s relationship with technology began at the tender age of four, as the first in his family to program the VCR and the proud owner of an Atari games console. He later went on to win a full bursary from SwissRe International for a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science at Witwatersrand University, and achieved a MCSD at Torque IT.  


In 1999, he began his professional career at a formidable Microsoft partner, IDION Business Solutions Group. Just a year later, Grant became Development Team Leader at FIHRST Management Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alexander Forbes, one of the largest financial services organisations in the world. By 2004, he had gleaned sufficient experience to become Managing Director at Blue Matrix Software, managing his own team of developers and analysts. Grant’s career has spanned the full spectrum of solution roles, ranging from Business Analyst to Technical Operations Manager, within industries including education, e-commerce, retail & wholesale, real estate, finance and payroll, giving him an unusually well-rounded knowledge of business and software operations.   


The Maximise system requires both technical prowess and open-mindedness which is rare in the FinTech industry but exists within Grant. This self-confessed tech nerd and “dad” to two Swiss Shepherds continues to innovate and inspire in his positions as Head of IT for Max Property Group and Head of Development for Maximise.  

Liveblog | Stay up to date with Max Crowdfund 2.0

Monday the 6th of March 2023 16:33
Software system progress 
Over the last few weeks, the IT team has been completing what they call the “building block phase” and is now moving into the “assembly phase” of the new MCF platform. The API integrations have been completed, including Twilio, Bunq and Sumsub, to mention just a few.  User testing is scheduled for approximately two weeks’ time.
Friday the 13th of January 2023 10:05 AM
The latest IT updates
The head of IT of Max Property Group Grant Clark confirms that there is a lot of progress in the last months before the completion of the new platform. For example, the new soft- and hardware stat has been finalized, the tech structure has been set up and the programming is going well. Up until now, the IT department is on schedule to begin testing in Alpha mode on the first of April.
Monday the 2nd of January 2023 11:32 AM
Building the IT department
On March 2022 the system crashed for the first time because it could not deal with the number of investors that wanted to invest in a loan at the same time. For this reason, a decision was made to start building a new, better software system from the ground up. From April to October 2022, Max Crowdfund kept growing in investors and financed projects, and the software problems persisted. In the summer of 2022 Max Property Group hired Grant Clark as head of IT. From December 2022 onwards, Max Crowdfund decided to slow down on posting loans as the software can’t deal with the traffic.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The new software is expected to go live in Alpha mode on the first of April 2023. The expected delivery date for Beta mode is May 2023, subject to testing.
Many things will improve on the platform. One of the most critical aspects of the new platform is its ability to handle large volumes of traffic at speed. Built on the Maximise platform, MCF 2.0 will be extremely versatile and we will be asking users for feedback in order to shape the new software system.
Since the launch of the platform, Max Crowdfund has launched many new projects and welcomed many users. The current platform cannot handle the growth and therefore fails to do what it is supposed to do. That is why we have been developing a new platform for some time now.

Timeline Max Crowdfund

Q1 2020
Launching Max Crowdfund
Third party fundraising allows to create assets on Max Crowdfund.
Q2 2020
Exemption AFM
Exemption from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Market (AFM) to allow investments in bonds & assets.
November 2020
Max Crowdfund launches its first project
Max Crowdfund launches its first real estate project and it is successfully raised.
February 2021
Partner in New-Zealand
Max Property Group partners with Kirk Pullar to launch Maxcrowdfund in New Zealand.
March 2021
Max Crowdfund raises €500,000 an equity round
Max Property Group has secured a €500,000 equity investment from existing and new investors. The money will be used to expand Max Crowdfund internationally.
December 2021
Max Crowdfund finances 10 million euros in real estate projects
Max Crowdfund finances 10 million euros worth of real estate projects through its investors eighteen months after the placement of the first project.
February 2022
Max Crowdfund is one of the fastest-growing crowdfunding platforms in the Netherlands
Max Crowdfund has been named one of the fastest-growing crowdfunding platforms in 2021 by market research agency, after increasing the transaction volume tenfold compared to the previous year.
March 1st 2022
Max Property Group raises EUR 4.25 million in equity offering for global expansion
Max Property Group (MPG), the developer of the international real estate crowdfunding platform Max Crowdfund, recently raised €4.25 million through an equity round. The raised capital will be used for the international expansion of Max Crowdfund. Even though the real estate crowdfunding market is still in its infancy, the platform has experienced enormous growth in the past year.
March 18th 2022
Max Crowdfund finances 20 million euros in real estate projects
April 15th 2022
Max Crowdfund fastest growing crowdfunding platform in the world

P2PMarketData has named Max Crowdfund as the fastest-growing crowdfunding platform in the world.

November 2022
Max Crowdfund is chosen as the best crowdfunding platform of 2022
The fifth edition of the Cashcow Awards took place on November 4, 2022. The fair attracted more than 3200 visitors, including representatives of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). 5,776 investors voted, and Max Crowdfund was named Best Crowdfunding Platform in the Netherlands in 2022.
January 10th 2023
Max Crowdfund surpasses 10,000+ users
Januari 15th 2023
Max Crowdfund finances 20 million euros in real estate projects
April 2023
Expected: Max Property Group launches Max Crowdfund 2.0 in Alpha

Development of the MCF 2.0 software is already underway, with testing scheduled for April 2023, followed by integration and launch. 

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