Loyalty Program

The Max Crowdfund Loyalty Program aims to reward our most active and larger investors, whilst at the same time encouraging investors to minimize risk by spreading their investments into multiple investment opportunities.

The applicable discount is based on both the number of investments and the total amount invested and is calculated based on active investments only.


10% discount when participating in 25 opportunities or at least €25,000 invested.


20% discount when participating in 50 opportunities or at least €75,000 invested.


30% discount when participating in 75 opportunities or at least €150,000 invested.


40% discount when participating in 150 opportunities or at least €300,000 invested.


50% discount when participating in 300 opportunities or at least €500,000 invested.

How does it work?

Once you have reached Starter, Experienced, Advanced, Professional, or Expert status you will receive the corresponding discount on the monthly admin fee, but only on the investments made from that moment forward.

The discount is calculated and applied when the investment opportunity is activated and applies for the entire term of the investment opportunity. The applicable discount will be displayed in the repayment schedule with your investment and also in Appendix C of the relevant investment agreement.

An example:

Once the number of your investments in active investment opportunities has reached a total of € 25,000, you have reached the Starter level. For the current investments, the regular monthly admin fee will still apply.

On any subsequent investments, a 10% discount will be applied to your monthly admin fee, which increases the net return on your investment.