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Most of the answers can be found via this section on our website. If you could not find a clear answer to your specific question, you may send your query to: Max Crowdfund can be reached by phone on working days from 9:30 to 17:00 (Amsterdam Time). Our office phone number is: +31 10 307 0948.
Max Crowdfund is a regulated platform and as such each user is required to be identified with a valid ID (passport, identity card or driver license), or via bank account identification (EU residents only). To invest in loan applications you have to make payment for the investment from a bank account in your own name. Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations require identification and we need to establish the user's minimum age of 18 years. For identity verification we use embedded services provided by Sum & Sub and Trustly. Only relevant information for platform use is stored on our system.
Loan application placed on Max Crowdfund have a minimum term of 6 months and maximum term of 120 months. A maximum of 60 months applies to bullet loans. A full bullet loan has a maximum term of 36 months.
- Linear loans, which are loans where a fixed amount is repaid periodically (usually monthly). The fixed amount is calculated by dividing the loan amount by the number of periodic repayments. Due to the monthly repayments, the residual debt and the monthly interest payments decrease over time. This type of loan can optionally come with a grace period, during which interest only payments are made and a higher fixed amount is paid during the remaining period. Another option is to make a partial payment at the end of the term.- Bullet loans, which are loans with periodic interest payments (usually monthly) and where payment of the entire principal of the loan is due at the end of the loan term. The debt amount as well as interest payments remain constant during the term of the loan.- Full bullet loans, which are loans where payment of the entire principal of the loan and interests are due at the end of the term.
Yes. The annual interest rate is fixed during the term of the loan. This can only be changed during the term with the approval from the majority of the investors.
The frequency of the payment of interest repayments is flexible and defined by the fundraiser with each loan. This could be either every 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, although most loans have a monthly repayment schedule. In case of a bullet loan, the repayment would be at the end of the term (max 60 months) and only interest will be paid during the loan term. A full bullet loan will pay both the repayment and interest at the end of the term (max 36 months).
The fundraiser may offer a percentage profit share with each loan. Investors receive that percentage of the market value increase of the underlying property, paid at the end of the term. In a market with rising real estate prices, this provides an interesting bonus on top of the fixed interest that is paid out periodically.


Investors can already start investing from €100, or a multitude of this, into our loans that are backed by real estate. PLEASE NOTE that a fee of 0.1% of the invested amount will be charged. Therefore, it is important to add this 0.1% to your total investment amount when depositing money to your account, to make sure that you are able to invest your entire desired amount. In other words: when you want to invest €10,000 your Max Crowdfund account balance should be €10,010.
A maximum amount of €80,000 applies per individual investor in total for open investment opportunities on Max Crowdfund. In case you have qualified for a joint account with your partner, this maximum gets doubled to €160,000. However, when you invest €100.000 or more into one loan, this does not count towards your total amount in open opportunities. Business accounts are not limited to a maximum investment amount. Max Crowdfund has the possibility to set a maximum per individual investment though, regardless of the aforementioned. If your investment exceeds a limit that has been set, you will be notified accordingly.
On the Max Crowdfund platform, you have your own personal account. You can easily complement your account balance by using one of the payment providers' services such as iDeal, or by making a transfer from your bank account. Once the deposit has been added to your balance, you can start investing. The maximum deposit amount varies per bank but often is set at €50,000 per transfer. Whenever you want to make a deposit to your account, please do not forget to add your corresponding payment reference in the description. It is also essential to keep in mind that a bank transfer could possibly take up to more than one working day. Due to this, you could potentially miss an investment opportunity because sometimes investment opportunities are filled in an instant.
No. Investors have to be at least 18 years old and have an officially approved account. This entails that they have successfully submitted the Know Your Client (KYC) documents and that they have been officially authorized by us. Additionally, you are required to have linked your bank account to your Max Crowdfund account. Moreover, multiple different limitations apply per country, which means that clients from certain nationalities might be excluded from our platform to prevent money laundering, tax evasion, and other illegal activities from occurring. This is in line with our efforts to comply with the rules and to operate transparently.
Currently, we exclusively accept EURO (€) for investments. Our aim is to eventually be able to accept all currencies. Potentially even crypto, like we are already doing for Max Crowdfund share certificates. However, this is dependent on the authorities since we naturally want to comply with the laws and regulations.
According to Dutch law, you are entitled to a 24-hour reflection term, to cancel or adjust your investment without additional costs. After this 24-hour period, you can officially not cancel or adjust your investment anymore. Of course, Max Crowdfund is relatively flexible regarding this reflection period. This might mean that you could still do an additional investment or even cancel it as long as the loan's status is still 'open'. The investments that you have done will be combined into one when the investment opportunity closes and the loan becomes active.
Yes, but you are required to already have a joint bank account together with your partner. If this is the case, you could apply for registration of this account on Max Crowdfund. Once it gets approved, your legal investment limit will be doubled to €160,000.
You can register your bank account by completing a transfer from that account to your Max Crowdfund account of an amount of your choice. We can only accept bank accounts that are managed by yourself, and that are registered in your own name.
If you have only registered one bank account to your name, this automatically becomes your preferred bank account. In case you have registered multiple accounts, you can choose either one of them to be your preferred bank account. Funds in your Max Crowdfund account that are not used, for longer than 60 days, are automatically refunded to the preferred bank account that you have selected.
If a fundraiser fails to fulfill his/her obligations regarding the monthly interest payments as agreed upon in the loan terms, Max Crowdfund will take action accordingly. Periodical updates will then be shared with investors to inform you about the status of the payments. To recover from potential payment default, measures such as alteration of the loan's terms can be proposed. This does, however, require the approval of the weighted majority of the corresponding investors by ways of an online ballot. In case the majority endorses this proposal, the fundraiser could for instance be allowed postponement of the interest payments. In the worst-case scenario (the fundraiser cannot fulfill their financial obligations at all anymore) Max Crowdfund could even proceed to execute the real estate. The revenue, as a result, will subsequently be divided amongst the investors pro-rata. Max Crowdfund will always act for and on behalf of the investors.


Creditworthy companies that are registered with the Chamber of Commerce are eligible for a loan. Max Crowdfund also mediates loans for associations, cooperatives and foundations with a business purpose. The purpose of the loan is always related to property, either to develop, buy-to-let, buy-to-sell or bridging/temporary finance.
The following documents are required to assess your loan application:- The most recent financial statement(s);- Recent appraisal report by a recognised appraiser not older than 3 months;- Extract of the Chamber of Commerce registration.Additional documents may be requested depending on the specifics of your loan application.
Any loan is backed by a first or second mortgage on a least one property. The loan amount can be up to 90% of the market value with first or 70% with second mortgage. Depending on the execution value of the property, additional collateral in the form of a business or private guarantee may be required.
Your loan application is published on our platform for 30 days. If your loan application has not been fully subscribed by the end of this publication period, the Investment Committee may decide to extend the period once only for another 30 days. This is excluding a closed subscription period of 1-4 weeks during which only invitees (family, friends, business partners) are allowed to access and invest.
The Crowdfunding Offer will be removed from the Online platform and the reserved amount of money will be refunded to the MC Current Account and will then be freely disposable for the Lender. The Project Owner may submit a new Loan Application, which will be reviewed again.
In case the loan is fully subscribed, it will remain visible on the home page until the loan is activated. Once activited, the loan application can be viewed only via all investment opportunities page. Also when the loan application is cancelled during or after publication, it can be found on all investment opportunities page. Detailed status information will only be accessible to investors and fundraiser via their My MCF Account.
How much interest you will have to pay depends on the risks associated with the loan. A bandwidth for the interest to be paid is linked to each risk class. An optional profit share allows you to lower your fixed interest costs and still offer an interesting proposition to investors.
Once the cooling-off period has passed and at least the minimum amount is raised, predefined payment conditions are checked by Max Crowdfund. When all are met, the amount raised will be paid out minus the total amount (incl. VAT) from outstanding invoices for the success fee and optionally additional services. How this is paid is predefined in the loan agreement. For example partial payment can be to notary for purchasing a property and partial payment can be to fundraiser's bank account.
Yes, but only a full repayment of the outstanding loan amount is allowed. Please check the Fees Details page for applicable charges and interest bonus to be paid to investors. If you wish to make a partial repayment, you can request for a loan restructuring.
If unforeseen circumstances arise, preventing you from temporarily or structurally meeting your interest and repayment obligations, you should contact us. Together we will look for the best solution to maintain fulfilling your obligations to the investors and MCF. It may be that a revision of the loan conditions is the best solution for all parties.