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Financing your project in 6 steps

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1. Register an account

Create your personal account below. Then register the company with which you wish to realize financing and go through the verification procedure.

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2. Submit your application

Submit the application for your financing and make up the missing balance to pay the application fee. Within one working day you will receive confirmation from the first assessment whether your application is eligible for financing via Max Crowdfund.

3. application approved

After the preliminary agreement, the due diligence process starts. This includes the valuation of the underlying real estate and risk analysis. You fill in the further details regarding the loan conditions and prepare a pitch.

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4. Loan Subscribed

After the loan has been fully subscribed and the targeted amount has been reached, the securities are secured by the Max Crowdfund Security Trustee on behalf of the investors. There may be additional conditions to proceed with payment, for example, the issuance of a possible permit.

5. Payment financing

As soon as all conditions for payment have been met, the amount of the financing will be paid out after deduction of costs. With the available resources you can now realize your goals. Max Crowdfund and the participating investors look forward to regular updates on your project.

6. Payments to investors

According to the agreed schedule, you periodically make the payment of interest, principal and costs into the account of the Max Crowdfund Escrow Foundation. We ensure the correct payment to the participating investors.

Loan durations

The duration of a loan can differ between 6 and 60 months. This depends on the duration of the project.

Interest rates

The level of interest is determined on the basis of the securities that we can record. Can you give us more than one guarantee? For example, a personal deposit in addition to the first right to a mortgage? Then the interest can be lower.

Supplies for the project

Only companies can register as project developers, which is why a Chamber of Commerce extract is required.

For the assessment of the real estate, you must provide various documents, for example, a business plan, real estate valuation report, purchase agreement, rental agreement(s), renovation quotes, building permits, etc.


Why finance your project with Max Crowdfund?

Flexible Conditions

Where the bank stops, we continue. Choose a linear, bullet or full-bullet loan. You can also determine the duration of the loan and the interest rate yourself.

Fast Financing

Your loan can be on the platform within a week. We often finance loans up to €500,000 the same day.

Automated Platform

You do not have to take into account the administration of tens or hundreds of investors. This is all automated.

Using our loan calculator you can easily see how expensive a loan is. Enter the term and the desired interest rate and see how you should repay the loan. To use the loan calculator, press the button below.


Apply for funding

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