Invest in real estate without touching a physical brick. Invest from as little as €100,- and earn an average interest of 10% per year.


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Our real estate experts at Max Crowdfund carefully select the best real estate investment projects with the highest securities. These safeguards and other details are clearly displayed within every loan description so that you can make a well-considered decision when investing in real estate.

How it works

Register on Max Crowdfund
Register on Max Crowdfund

In order to start using Max Crowdfund, please create a verified account by clicking on the button below. Once registered, you should gain access to a personal dashboard where comprehensive information about investment opportunities will be displayed. You should also be able to see your profile, account balance and support resources.

View investment opportunities
View investment opportunities

All loans placed on Max Crowdfund are analyzed and approved by real estate experts, with full investment information available on the user dashboard once the account registration has been completed. You should be able to view details such as interest rates, project locations, loan durations and investment risks, in order to make an informed investment decision. Deposit at least €100 into your account to start investing.

Receive interest on your investment
Generate passive income

Once a loan you have invested in reaches its target fundraise, the investment window will close, and you should begin receiving interest payments as per the loan schedule. The interest credited to your Max Crowdfund account can then be re-invested into other loans on Max Crowdfund or transferred out to your bank account. Once the project has been completed, you should expect to receive the appropriate capital repayment.

Real estate investing, accessible to everyone

Max Crowdfund makes real estate investing possible from as little as €100. Together with thousands of other Max Crowdfund investors, you are given the opportunity to finance the purchase and renovation of real estate projects that can then be sold or rented out for a profit. Once you invest in a project, you receive your share of its profits and the loan capital repayment applicable to the investment.  

Your investment backed by bricks

One of the advantages of investing in real estate projects via crowdfunding is that, compared to other investment classes such as stocks or crypto, the property is less sensitive to sharp fluctuations in value, making it a lower-risk investment.  

Moreover, if an exceptional situation occurs in which the project developer cannot fullfil their financial obligations, Max Crowdfund would have the first right to mortgage.  

This means that Max Crowdfund would have the right to sell the underlying real estate and subsequently pass on those funds to the investors in the project. (1)

Put your savings to work

The loans published on the Max Crowdfund platform generally offer yields between 8% and 12%. In addition, the platform charges a monthly fee of 0.1% on the outstanding investment amount, and there are no hidden costs. Would you like to know more about the costs of investing via Max Crowdfund? Read more via the button below. 

Average return on investments via Max Crowdfund

Platform features

Investing in real estate crowdfunding via Max Crowdfund is one of the most hands-off investment opportunities available. All Max Crowdfund projects are selected by real estate experts, so every loan has been analysed to minimize your risk. There is an escrow agent (in the form of a lawyer or notary) built into the financial process, as well as a registered charge on the real estate asset. Track all your upcoming interest payments and project details on your own personal dashboard. 



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